BIN @ Sheffield 2014


BIN @ DEEP IMPACT collaborating in Sheffield. 
The University of Sheffield will be hosting the 5th international BIN@ conference at the Showroom Workstation in Sheffield, on November 10th, 11th and 12th 2014. The objective of BIN@ (Business Innovation Network) is to create a trusted and open forum for sharing good practice in innovation, and promoting and supoporting collaboration between academia and industry. BIN@ is an informal international network of partners from across industry, academia, investment, incubation, business development and economic development agencies supporting the sharing of good practice and knowledge and promoting open innovation.
It's intended to help connect partners from across disciplines and industrial sectors to create opportunities for collaboration and cooperation, and support partnerships that can deliver value and impact. The event will include:

  • Technology showcase and exhibition;
  • Themed Action Tank sessions;
  • Open plenary sessions;
  • Panel debates;
  • Networking activities..

More information avaliable here.