KTForce Launch Conference, Bucharest, Romania. Presentation soon available on the website!


The conference “Boosting European Regional Development by improving technology transfer practices and policies”, first conference organized by the KTForce project partnership, took place last 11 July, in Bucharest, Romania. Around 80 representative persons of Romanian and European institutions gathered at the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest, in order to share views on the Technology Transfer processes and the relation with the definition of regional and local Innovation policies for na improved regional development.

The University of Porto was present at the event, presenting the Portuguese case of the innovation policy and their impact on Knowledge Transfer, as well as sharing its experience of participating in international dynamic networks for the improvement of its services in the area.

The participants were able to do networking and share experiences and opinions of the theme of the conference.

The presentations done during the event will soon be available on the conference website at: http://www.cefin.ro/ktforce_launch/. Be aware!