A2B sessions - “Name of the company or name of the business organization” @U.Porto - Partnering for innovation

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Sónia Pereira
University of Porto
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University-Industry relations
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A2B sessions - “Name of the company or name of the business organization” @U.Porto - Partnering for innovation
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All companies
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The A2B – Academia to Business - sessions aim to strengthening the relation between university R&D centers and companies in order to promoting R&D and technology collaborations. The assumption is that the relation between industry and universities is fostered when university researchers have the possibility to know companies’ R&D and technological challenges, when companies have the means to know university’s R&D and technological skills as well as university’s related projects and ultimately, when companies’ representatives and university researchers know each other. The A2B sessions give the opportunity to all of that besides being a forum for networking and discussion of ideas and prospective projects.
Give an overview of the practice 
The A2B session is a private meeting dedicated to the discussion of needs, ideas and projects related to the activities of an industry sector or of a particular company. For this meeting one invites representatives of the pre chosen business association or company and representatives of R&D centers which develop work related with the activities of the business association or company. One takes the following steps in order to implement this action: 1) Identify the business association or company; 2) Ask them a brief document about their activities, innovation priorities and R&D challenges; 3) Identify R&D centers; 4) Send the association or companies’ document to R&D centers; 5) Schedule the meeting. The meeting can take place in the university or in the companies depending of the objectives of the company or association; 6) Usually the meeting occurs during one morning or one afternoon and has the following agenda: - Presentation of the association or company and of its R&D and technological challenges - Presentation of R&D centers. Presentation by researchers of work with application or which is related with association or company’s activities. - Discussion of sector or company’s problems, R&D ideas and projects. The meeting may include visits to the R&D centers labs or visits to companies’ sites. Visits to companies’ production or R&D sites have the advantage of allowing researchers to understand “in loco” the way companies work and the issues of their activities; 7) Post event exchange of information: R&D centers send proposals of R&D projects based in what was discussed in the event. Association or company analyze and give a feedback about the feasibility or opportunity of the proposed projects; 8) Four to six months after the event, one follows-up all participants about hypothetical interactions that occurred after the event. The objective is to know whether any idea was materialized in a partnership.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008
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What is the approximate budget needed for implementing this practice? 
1 000.00€
What kind of resources is needed for implementing the practice? 
The amount indicated above is estimation, with all the resources needed. An A2B session consumes in average 32 man hours for its implementation and follow-up. Usually includes coffee-break. Also, it implies the rental of a bus if the A2B session occurs in the company’s site. Other resources needed: meeting room; data show.
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