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Terry O'Brien
South-East Regional Authority (SERA)
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The Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation
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The Advisory Council for Science Technology and Innovation (ACSTI) provides policy advice to the Irish Government on medium and long term science, technology and innovation (STI) issues and contributes towards the development and implementation of a coherent and effective national strategy for STI. It provides the primary interface between stakeholders and policymakers in the STI arena. Mission To bring the experience, excellence and independence of Ireland's science, technology and innovation practitioners to the heart of Government policy to ensure the application of scientific endeavour for the benefit of the people of Ireland. The Council gathers the expertise and experience of fourteen members who are recognised leaders in their fields of expertise. The Council comprises members from academia, enterprise and professional sectors and a representative from Forfás, Ireland’s policy advisory board for enterprise, trade, science, technology and innovation. ACSTI is a committee of Forfás. Forfás manages the work of the Council and provides it with research and analytical support. Related Links Request Publication Subscribe to Email Alerts Contact Us Sign up for RSS feeds
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The Advisory Science Council's work programmes are normally taken forward by means of ad-hoc Task Forces. As an example, in October 2008, a Task Force set up by the Council published a report on researcher career structures. e.g. The Advisory Council issued a report in November 2006 in which it called for the development and implementation of a new national health research strategy. In 2007, the Council issued a report on the relationship between the enterprise and higher education sectors in Ireland. In a publication dated March 2012, the Advisory Council called for a strategic and focused approach to secure a significant share of future European research and innovation funding, Horizon 2020, for Ireland
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Saturday, January 1, 2005
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Not Active
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For full list of publications, see Policy advice to irish government
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