CEdUP Meetings

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Sónia Pereira
University of Porto
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Spin-off creation & Entrepreneurship
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CEdUP Meetings
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The objective of the CEdUP meetings is to give a practical overview of what is entrepreneurship and know more about entrepreneurship initiatives. It also wants to increase the possibilities of networking and exchange of experience between the members and the guest speakers.
Give an overview of the practice 
The meeting occurs in a specific room, in a round table format, so that the discussion with the guest speakers is as most informal as possible. When there is a presentation, the rules are that it is done in an informal way as well, to promote the discussion between the participants. The guest speakers can be: alumni students, from companies, suggested by members. The meeting can be done around a theme, or simply talking about a company or an initiative. There is also a large focus on social entrepreneurship. The meeting takes place at the end of the day (around 9pm) since it's when the participants are more available. The meeting may end in a bar or else for a drink or coffee. To reach the objective of the meeting, the participant number is limited to 20 persons/session, and it occurs 1 or 2 a month. The venue is usually chosen as being a "neutral" room (this means open to students from any faculty), such as the e-learning café.
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Monday, January 1, 2007
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The resources needed for such event is: - Mainly HR for the logistic aspects of the organization; - sometimes, funding for supporting the travel and accommodation of the guest speaker + sometimes, funding for catering 8when applicable).
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