The creation of infrastructure, aimed at the Improvement and Dissemination of Knowledge about R&D, Technologies and Innovations

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Monika Usevičiūtė
PE "Sunrise valley"
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Research Infrastructures
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The creation of infrastructure, aimed at the Improvement and Dissemination of Knowledge about R&D, Technologies and Innovations
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Consultancies and other private service providers (non-profit)
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New technology based firms/new knowledge intensive service firms
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The measure was inspired by the national policy debate which took place during 2005-2007 while programming the EU SF funds for 2007-2013 period.
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Main focus - awareness raising among youth on R&D and innovation. By January 2012, about 80% of total budget was reserved for selected projects, about 19% of total budget was allocated for the Centre of Technical Creativity of Pupils. The proposals are accepted from the single institution, pre selected in the state project planning procedure.
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Sunday, August 20, 2000
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The measure aims to contribute to the task of strengthening public and private R&D infrastructure, as foreseen in Operational Programme for Economy Growth 2007-2013. Specifically, the aim of the measure is to develop infrastructure, needed for the dissemination of knowledge about scientific research, technologies and innovation. The creation of such infrastructure, targeted at the youth and pupils will be supported by the measure. The implementing institution is the Centre of Technical Creativity of Pupils. Objectives to be attained under this priority are as follows: 1. Reinforce public and private R&D facilities. 2. Increase efficiency of R&D by the public sector as well as its accessibility to businesses. 3. Intensify R&D by the private sector. 4. Improve the environment for the R&D dissemination, promote cooperation between business and research in R&D area. Ex-ante indicators were selected at the result and product level (at the end of period, 2015): - The result indicator is: The number of mobile scientific demonstration laboratories equipped – 2; - The product indicator is: the R&D infrastructure development project implemented. The overall success in the attainment of these objectives will be demonstrated by the growth in expenditure for R&D, in particular in the private sector where the indicator was very small in 2003 – only 0.14% of GDP.
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