Development of new produicts, services and technologies

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Marius Mitroi
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Innovation instrument(policy)
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R&D cooperation (joint projects, PPP with research institutes)
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Development of new produicts, services and technologies
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All companies
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New technology based firms/new knowledge intensive service firms
Other non-profit research organizations (not HEI)
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Aim: To stimulate the technological and economic performance of Romanian companies by funding those entities that have a history , maturity and ability to turn ideas into innovative products and technologies with real market potential . Objectives: - To support the creation of innovative products and technologies , based on research results and which can have national and international market; - Stimulate SMEs to consider innovation as a growth strategy , both by developing their own research capabilities and experimental facilities available by accessing research organisations from Romania; - Strengthen cooperation between different economic entities in the chain so that all the links involved , namely: idea , concept , design, experimental design , prototyping , testing and validation of solutions, engineering design , mass production , promotion , marketing and sale of products innovative high added value . It has to strengthen the innovation capacity of enterprises and enhancing their contribution to the creation of new products / systems / technologies / based on exploitation of research results.
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Aplicants could be: -Small and medium-sized and large enterprises as defined in state aid scheme N542/2007 . -Consortia consisting of legal persons, with the consent of the parties , having as coordinator a SMEs. If the consortium has only one company, that company must be held at least 75 % of the project , and if there are more companies , the coordinator should carry out activities whose value is at least 50 % of the project . -The applicant legal entity ( if a consortium coordinator ) and members of the consortium must have an economic activity for at least three years , and the net result is positive the last financial year or the average of the last three years of financial results to be positive . - Average turnover of the applicant for the past three years to be at least equal to the total value of project, in case of a consortium , the average turnovers of the undertakings in the past 3 years must be at least equal to the total value of the project. May . The applicant firm or a consortium member , to be completed in the last three years at least one research project / development / innovation with a project value of at least 50 % of the total value of the proposed project in this funding program . June . Applications subject to evaluation should include a feasibility study and business plan presented in the proposal , as part of it .
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
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Developing new products, services and technologies.
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