High-Tech export support

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Domnica Cotet
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Innovation instrument(policy)
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Support infrastructure (transfer offices, training of support staff)
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High-Tech export support
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All companies
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Aim: to increase the competitiveness of Romanian products and technologies;. Objectives: - To develop the high-tech products and support their export; - To support the IPR protection in Romanian High-Tech companies; - To increase the licensing of the technologies
Give an overview of the instrument 
The eligible applicants are small, medium and large companies, as they are defined in state aid scheme N542/2007, which had income of high-tech exports as a result of exploitation of ownership of patents and this value was at least 1.000.000/2.000. 000 Euro in the last 3/5 years.The total value of a project is not limited. The maximum amount awarded from the state budget for the project is up to 1 000 000 Euro. This amount can cover up to 50% of total eligible costs. In the Innovation Program, may be financed from the state budget following activities defined in the document issued by the European Commission C (2007) 6545, which underlies the decision of the President ANCS 9451/2007: - Industrial research; - Experimental development activities (independent or collaborative) - Technical feasibility studies for industrial research; - Technical feasibility studies for experimental development; - Protection of industrial and intellectual property rights for industrial research; - Protection of industrial and intellectual property rights experimental development; Total activities of industrial research aspect not to exceed 40% and the total experimental development activities are mimim 60%.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012
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Development of new products, services technologies for export
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