Innovation Employment Passport

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Deolinda Silva
Innovation Agency
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Direct support of business R&D (grants and loans)
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Innovation Employment Passport
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All companies
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Innovation Employment passport provides professional internships in companies for young Master and PhD holders (in the 23-34 yeard-old cohort) which are unemployed and are recorded in Employment centers for at least 4 months. The main objective is to fight unemplyment of young skilled people. An additional objective is to contribute towards the upgrading of companies innovation capabilities. Internships will last for 6 months. The employing company will be exempted from the payment of wages. Individuals will be paid a monthly internship grant of around €691, for Masters, and €943, for PhD holders. If, after the internship, the company decides to employ the individual, the company will receive an integration support whose amount will be similar to that granted to the individual during the internship.
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Innovation Employment Passport is part of a wider programme aimed at fighting youth unemployment, called Strategic Plan for the Promotion of Youth Employability and Support to the Small and medium Sized Comanies - Youth Impulse (Impulso Jovem). This encompasses a wide set of internship intitiatives which include: Employment Passport, for all unemployed youth between 18 and 25 years-old in the North, Centre and Alentejo regions; Public Administration internships, for up to 30 years-old graduates; Industrialisation Employment Passport, for 18 to 30 years-old unemployed to be recruited by manufacturing firms; Internationalisation Employment Passport, for internships of 18 to 30 years-old youngsters in companies carrying out internationalisation projects; Entrepreneurship passport, for degree-holders aiming at launching new companies, and a financing line aimed at strengthening SMEs' financial structures.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012
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It is still too early to assess the results of the measure since it has just been launched on June 14, 2012.
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