Protection of industrial property rights

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Monika Usevičiūtė
PE "Sunrise Valley"
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Protection of industrial property rights
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What is the aim/objective? 
To give financial support for the protection of industrial property rights that covers the patents of inventions and design at the European and international level. The national support is oriented to the acquirement of a European patent or a patent issued under the Patent Cooperation Treaty and to the registration of a Community design or a design registered under the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement.
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Since 2011 Science, Innovation and Technology Agency (the partner of the Sunrise Valley) is responsible for the administration of this tool and provides national financial support for business and research organizations. Legal persons (enterprises, research organizations) from Lithuania are acknowledged as eligible participants for this support scheme.
What is the date of creation of this practice? 
Saturday, January 1, 2011
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What is the approximate budget needed for implementing this practice? 
188 400.00€
What kind of resources is needed for implementing the practice? 
The programme is financed by the Ministry of Economy of Lithuania and administration support is performed by Science, Innovation and Technology Agency.
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