PRTLI – Programme for Research Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions

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Terry O'Brien
South-East Regional Authority (SERA)
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PRTLI – Programme for Research Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions
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Launched in 1998, the Programme for Research in Third-Level Institutions (PRTLI) has awarded €1.22 billion in exchequer and private matching funding to date. Over the five cycles, the programme has helped to establish Ireland as a premier location for carrying out world class research and development.This has been achieved by significant investments in human and physical infrastructure, thus strengthening national research capacity and capability. PRTLI provides integrated financial support for institutional strategies, programmes and infrastructure in key areas of research spread across all disciplines. The programme supports research in humanities, science, technology and the social sciences, including business and law.
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The programme provides financial support for higher educational institutional strategies, programmes and infrastructure and ensures that Irish higher education institutions have the capacity and incentives to formulate and implement research strategies, which will give them critical mass and world level capacity in key areas of research.
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Thursday, January 1, 1998
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According to data provided by the Higher Education Authority, the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI) has funded 850 researchers, of which: (i) 300 were post-doctoral researchers; (ii) 550 were post-graduate researchers. One of the outcomes of the PRTLI has been the development of a strategic emphasis that has been placed on research by Irish third level institutions in terms of their forward planning. In 1996, there was one part-time Dean of Research with supporting infrastructure in the Irish university system. Today, Deans or Vice Presidents of Research have been appointed in all universities, reflecting the importance now attached to building research capability across all disciplines. The build-up in postgraduate student numbers and the planned doubling of capacity at doctorate level are all indicative of the huge emphasis now being placed on research as an intrinsic part of the mission of higher education institutions. More comprehensive information is available at
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According to the DEJI "The PRTLI was launched in 1998 by the Department of Education and Science (now D/Education & Skills) and involves capital funding for third level research infrastructure, national shared facilities and current expenditure funding to support a range of Structured PhD and Emergent Technology programmes. The funding is a mixture of exchequer, private and EU co-funding. The PRTLI is designed to facilitate Irish institutions to produce world-class research in humanities, science, technology and the social science, including business and law. Responsibility for the programme transferred to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (no D/Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation) with effect from May 2010" A key aim of the PRTLI is to develop critical mass in key research areas and so enhance collaboration and coherence across Ireland's research system. The PRTLI is a 'primer' and complements other significant research initiatives in Agencies such as Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, and the Health Research Board. The Higher Education Authority administers it on behalf of the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. To date, there have been five cycles of awards under the PRTLI,"
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