Public relation with the industry

Contact person 
Sónia Pereira
University of Porto
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Knowledge Transfer Practice
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Identify the Knowledge Transfer area to which the practice belong 
University-Industry relations
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What is the title/name of the instrument/policy? 
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What is the title/name of the practice? 
Public relation with the industry
Indicate the target group/beneficiaries of the practice 
All companies
What is the aim/objective? 
The public relations "task force" aims at acquiring additional partners from the industry to ensure new collaboration projects.
Give an overview of the practice 
By developing contacts with the companies, the INESCPORTO ensures to increase the interest of companies in their activities, and also enables to identify eventual technological needs for which a collaboration work would be necessary. 2 staff (dedicating at 50% of their time to this task) identifies the companies, and participates in meetings with the companies. Once the technological need is identified, the two staffs transfer the process to another unit which will make the technical proposal to the company and enter in negotiation with the company.
What is the date of creation of this practice? 
Thursday, January 1, 2009
Is the practice still active? 
What is the approximate budget needed for implementing this practice? 
What kind of resources is needed for implementing the practice? 
1 HR full time; trips for meeting in companies.
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