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Henning Rode
Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH
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Innovation instrument(policy)
What are the following keywords/priorities which better fit the instrument/policy?  
Support to innovation in services
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What is the title/name of the instrument/policy? 
Indicate the target group/beneficiaries of the instrument/policy 
Higher education institutions (education function)
Higher educations institutions research units/centres
Other non-profit research organizations (not HEI)
SMEs only
What is the aim/objective? 
Support for SMEs, universities and individual inventors in using IPRs to protect and commercially exploit their innovative ideas
Give an overview of the instrument 
1. The SME Patent Initiative offers grants to SMEs that want to use IPRs for the first time. 2. The Innovation Market measure provides a marketplace for inventors and innovators to find companies that assist them in financing and bringing their products onto the market. 3. The Innovation Action aims at enabling enterprises and start-ups to establish internal innovation processes on a permanent base by offering consulting services through a network of IP consultants.
What is the date of creation of this instrument? 
Sunday, January 1, 2006
Is the instrument/policy still active? 
Not Active
Identify the main outputs/results (quantitative and qualitative) of the implementation of this instrument 
With the SME patent action companies are financially supported and accompanied by SIGNO partners if they want to safeguard their findings from research and development by patents or utility models. The SIGNO partner elaborates a "roadmap to the patent" with the participants and accompanies the individual steps with expert advice.
What is the co-financing/maximum rate allowed by the instrument/policy (if appl.)? 
50% per project (max. 8.000 €)
Is this instrument/policy linked to a KT practice?