SIGNO-Hochschulen (SIGNO-universities)

Contact person 
Henning Rode
Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH
Do you want to share an instrument/policy or a knowledge Transfer practice? 
Innovation instrument(policy)
What are the following keywords/priorities which better fit the instrument/policy?  
R&D cooperation (joint projects, PPP with research institutes)
identify the Knowledge Transfer area to which the instrument(policy) belong 
Technology licensing
Spin-off creation & Entrepreneurship
Indicate the country from which the instrument (or policy) is 
What is the title/name of the instrument/policy? 
SIGNO-Hochschulen (SIGNO-universities)
Indicate the target group/beneficiaries of the instrument/policy 
Higher education institutions (education function)
What is the aim/objective? 
Overall aim is to improve the transfer of research results into marketable products and thus, to strengthen Germany’s position as a centre of innovation.
Give an overview of the instrument 
Supports universities to protect and commercially exploit their innovative ideas. Also to promote the further development of created structures for the exploitation of intellectual property rights of universities and publicly funded research institutions using external patent and exploitation agencies.
What is the date of creation of this instrument? 
Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Is the instrument/policy still active? 
Identify the main outputs/results (quantitative and qualitative) of the implementation of this instrument 
Promotion of demand-led exploitation concepts of universities, including strategic partnerships between industry and academia. 23 Patent Commercialisation Centres are supported which realized a total revenue of about €22m till 2011
What is the co-financing/maximum rate allowed by the instrument/policy (if appl.)? 
up to 42.000 € maximum 70% funding, more than 42.000 € reduced funding-quota
Is this instrument/policy linked to a KT practice?