SME Skills Support System – Innovation Voucher

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Deolinda Silva
Innovation Agency
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Support to innovation in services
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SME Skills Support System – Innovation Voucher
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Consultancies and other private service providers (non-profit)
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SMEs only
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The goals of this measure are three-fold: (1) to encourage SMEs to use external problem-solving services improve their innovation performance, (2) to contribute towards the sustainability of R&D and innovation consultancy organisations, and (3) to promote cooperation and dialogue between SME and science, technology and innovation infrastructures and service firms.
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The background may be related to the significant investments undertaken in the context of the three first Community Support Frameworks to develop a proper science and technology infrastructure. The rationale was by that time the creation of appropriate supply services. However, it was found later that several of these infrastructures and support services had not been able to generate a sustainable demand from the industrial fabric, especially from SMEs. As several analyses of the national System of Innovation in Portugal has pointed out, the players were there, but the linkages were very weak. Several voices, including those of policy makers, have criticised the alledgedly excessive support granted to S&T infrastructures. In other words, the supply side was there, but policy should focus on encouraging the demand side instead. The launching of the 'Innovation Voucher' comes in this vein. It has been mentioned for the first time in the Technological Plan, in late 2005, but it has been implemented in late 2007 only.
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Monday, January 1, 2007
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There has been so far no evaluation regarding the success of the implementation of the measure. Available evidence suggests that the take up by firms exhibits a growing trend. The measure has contributed to the development of business linkages between R&D organisations and companies. The reduced red tape and the ease of application for this measure has been a plus. Projects supported have mainly dealt with product engineering and development, as well as with quality, organisation and information technology services. The issue is whether the access by SMEs to specific innovation services will be kept in the absence of further support.
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