South-East Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022 (SERA)

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Terry O'Brien
South-East Regional Planning Guidelines
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South-East Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022 (SERA)
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Framework document The objective of the Regional Planning Guidelines is to provide a long-term strategic planning framework for the development of the South-East Region for this period and to guide and inform the Development Plans and Local Area Plans of the local authorities in the region.
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The Guidelines, which will guide the future development of the region for the next 20 years, address the following: •Employment and Economic Development; •Population Growth and Settlement Strategy; •Transportation; •Environmental Issues, Water Services and Waste Management; •Energy and Telecommunications; •Education and Health Care; •Agriculture, Marine and Rural Development; •Community Development; •Recreation, Amenity and Culture; •Heritage and Conservation; •Inter-Regional Issues; •Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.
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Thursday, July 1, 2010
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Comment: On going, covers period 2010-2022 with review due in 2016
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