Spie-UP - University of Porto's week for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship

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Sónia Pereira
University of Porto
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Spin-off creation & Entrepreneurship
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Spie-UP - University of Porto's week for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship
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All companies
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Higher educations institutions research units/centres
What is the aim/objective? 
The Spie-UP is linked to the objective of the Entrepreneurship club of the University of Porto to promote and increase awareness of the UPorto's community about entrepreneurship practices and actions. It is open to all the public to increase the number of participants and increase the opportunities of networking and exchange of experience.
Give an overview of the practice 
The event usually takes place in one of the faculties’ facilities of the University of Porto, and lasts 3 days, from Thursday to Saturday. The objective of including Saturday is to attract a corporate public, which cannot participate during the week days. The week days are better to attract students and researchers. The event is composed of a series of workshops and keynote speeches with interesting and dynamic people. The workshops are usually charged (5, 10€) to ensure that the participants will participate. The last event usually takes place out of the University of Porto, such as a congress center or the Music Hall to turn the event different from the other days and increase possibilities of networking and exchange of experience in an informal way. Following the years, the format of the event, namely the inclusion of workshops in addition to the conference days, was improved and updated each year.
What is the date of creation of this practice? 
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
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What kind of resources is needed for implementing the practice? 
Sponsors are needed namely for catering costs, venue rental (incl. technical support) and communication and dissemination material. - Human resources are needed (1 person full time from November to April) - Sometimes additional funding is needed to support travel and accommodation of certain speakers, but this is balanced by charging the participation in the workshops. Note: the workshop participation is charged only when the speakers charges.
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