Supplement of the promotion guideline "SIGNO-Hochschulen" (SIGNO-universities) Exploitation promotion "Further development of inventions"

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Henning Rode
Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH
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Innovation instrument(policy)
What are the following keywords/priorities which better fit the instrument/policy?  
R&D cooperation (joint projects, PPP with research institutes)
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What is the title/name of the instrument/policy? 
Supplement of the promotion guideline "SIGNO-Hochschulen" (SIGNO-universities) Exploitation promotion "Further development of inventions"
Indicate the target group/beneficiaries of the instrument/policy 
Higher educations institutions research units/centres
What is the aim/objective? 
Support for the further development and the verification of functionality and technical practicability of patent-protected R&D results.
Give an overview of the instrument 
By investing in the identification, in the suitable legal protection and the commercialization of the research results, the existing knowledge-based resources for the economy will be made transparent, and the exploitation outside the science will be made public.
What is the date of creation of this instrument? 
Sunday, January 1, 2012
Is the instrument/policy still active? 
Identify the main outputs/results (quantitative and qualitative) of the implementation of this instrument 
Pre-conditions: Positive evaluation of the invention concerning its applicability and positive assessment by the already involved patent or exploitation agency. - The protective rights of the invention have already been secured. The R&D results for whom the protective rights have been secured, are at least for 6 months in active exploitation by a patent or exploitation agency that is involved in the SIGNO exploitation promotion.
What is the co-financing/maximum rate allowed by the instrument/policy (if appl.)? 
funding up to 70%, maximum 42.000 € per project
Is this instrument/policy linked to a KT practice?