Support the Competitiveness cluster. Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) Cluster

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Marius Mitroi
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Research Infrastructures
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Support the Competitiveness cluster. Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) Cluster
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All companies
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What is the aim/objective? 
ELI is a laser facility that aims to host some the most intense lasers world-wide, develop new interdisciplinary research opportunities with light from these lasers and secondary radiation derived from them, and make them available to an international scientific user community. The facility will be based on four sites. Three of them are presently being implemented in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.
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ELI is a new Research Infrastructure (RI) of pan-European interest and part of the European ESFRI Roadmap. Their scientific profile will be complementary, while the operation, starting in 2018, will be unified under one single legal umbrella of an European Research Infrastructure Consortium ELI-ERIC. The project is in implementation phase, following a 3-year, and it’s coordinated by the ELI-Delivery Consortium International Association, an international non-profit organisation after Belgian law (AISBL). The ELI-DC Association is open to membership of institutions from any interested country, one per country. Presently it holds members from the three host countries Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania, as well as from Italy and Germany.
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Thursday, January 9, 2014
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It will have the typical indicators for cluster (innovative start-ups, specially, based on high-tech). It is estimate a strong economic impact at national, regional and EU level. It will coop with international challenges, offering different opportunities to researchers, young PhD, entrepreneurs. ELI will promote an aggressive technology transfer. Fields such as laser and particle accelerator engineering, nuclear pharmacology, oncology, X-ray and gamma-ray imaging could be revolutionized by ELI.
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