Technology and innovation centers (non-profit)

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Monika Usevičiūtė
PE "Sunrise Valley"
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Research Infrastructures
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Technology and innovation centers (non-profit)
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The measure was inspired by the national policy debate which took place during 2005-2007 while programming the EU SF funds for 2007-2013 period. The debates lead to developing a concept of integrated science, studies and business centres - valleys. The measure is aimed at strengthening the research infrastructure in the selected 'valleys'.
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Thursday, July 20, 2000
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The measure aims to contribute to the task of strengthening public and private R&D infrastructure, as foreseen in the Operational Programme for Economy Growth 2007-2013. Specifically, the aim of the measure is to support the creation and development of R&D infrastructures, needed for the R&D project implementation in the Integrated Science, Study and Business Valleys (Lithuanian Republic Government Decision No 321, 21st March, 2007) and implementation of the National Complex Programmes. The activities supported under the measure are the development of the R&D infrastructure, required by the R&D intensive economy sectors, and the development, renewal, optimisation and restructuring of general, technological and IT infrastructure of R&D activities. Ex-ante indicators set for the measure (at the end of the period 2015), defined as a result and product indicators are as follows. Result indicators: - Number of created and operating R&D centres – 17; - Total number of work places in R&D – 610; - Number of partnership agreements signed between the R&D institutions and SMEs – 95; - Number of created, renewed and/or equipped educational laboratories (audiences) – 32; - Number of created, renewed and/or equipped scientific laboratories – 32. Product indicators: - Number of R&D infrastructure development projects implemented – 30.
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