Technology Platform for Mechatronics, Integronics and Adaptronics

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Iulian Ilie
National Institute Of Research And Development For Mechatronics And Measurement Technique (INCDMTM)
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Technology Platform for Mechatronics, Integronics and Adaptronics
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All companies
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Mechatronics, Integronics and Adaptronics Technology Platform" will have the task of contributing to the national and global development of the industry of Mechatronics, creating a strong mechatronics industry and accelerating its development in Romania by promoting and stimulating research activities in the field, as well as promotional, dissemination of results and demonstration activities. Another objective of the platform is to establish a public-private partnership that will serve the interests of all stakeholders, and providing guidance and promoting research, technological development and innovation. It will set directions for the coming years and, at the same time; it will provide information and resources, by allowing users to access a virtual library.
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For achieving the platform objectives, the following actions will be performed: • Development of a research strategy with the view to identify guidelines for the next five years, linked with Europe 2020 and 2030 Strategies; • Development of an action plan which will establish ways of attracting investment, promoting the platform with a very well established marketing plan and a communication plan (establishing communication channels, message, target group), demonstration activities, training activities, creating a virtual library etc; • Identifying initiatives and activities dedicated to research, product development, launches, copyright protection, technology transfer, innovation and demonstration taking place, and setting a target group, identifying relevant actors for Mission Platform; • Stimulating and attracting public and private investment, Romanian and European projects that create the most appropriate development support. • Coordination with other organizations and initiatives in the field of mechatronics, including other Technology Platforms in Romania and EU Member States initiatives; • Disseminating activities of the Platform to support mission objectives. The activity of the Mechatronics, Integronics and Adaptronics Technology Platform will focus mainly on research and development in the field, which are vital for the development of industry in the next decade. Furthermore, the Platform will support and stimulate the development and implementation of global economically competitive technology, will contribute to the creation of the Romanian industry of Mechatronics and its applications (competitive, advanced and new generation products, intelligent and information-oriented digital instrumentation, intelligent manufacturing and automation, integration of computers and intelligent processors, integrated intelligent control processes, innovation of products, technologies and intelligent services).
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Thursday, June 20, 2013
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steering committee, 4 workgroups, and 1 secretariat.
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