Vira marketing/guerrilla marketing

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Viviane Chilton
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Technology licensing
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Vira marketing/guerrilla marketing
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All companies
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"Create a buzz" and promote innovations using web 2.0 technology platforms.
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Floralis (UJF Tech transfer company) has used viral marketing techniques extensively over the last few years in order to promote its work and also improve the SEO (search engine optimization) of its sites. The principle of the technique is simple and consists of identifying the much targeted scientific groups or "hubs" that exist on video/linked in or other professional online networks and targeting them directly via "discussion boards" in order to promote debate and advertise our own technology offerings. With over 135 million contacts on linked-in, the sheer size of this network has made it an attractive platform for promoting both early and late-stage technology. The technique is not an appropriate means of generating sales leads to our mind, but is a very effective means of kick-starting the promotion of innovations. Such campaigns will then be followed by integrated press relations, direct marketing and sometimes advertising (Google ad words usually) campaigns, enabling a campaign to gather momentum. The technique is easy to implement and is free, making it a very useful tool for marketing departments that have minimal budgetary resources. Additional "guerilla marketing" techniques are used, promoting links to pages on our technology portal (adding links to email signatures), or adding web references (web linking) on Wikipedia or other relevant sites.
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013
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Half an hour to 5 hours, depending on complexity of project and translation needs.
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