Visitors programme part II

Contact person 
Katja Lohse
University of Technology Dresden, CIMTT
Do you want to share an instrument/policy or a knowledge Transfer practice? 
Knowledge Transfer Practice
What are the following keywords/priorities which better fit the instrument/policy?  
No information provided
Identify the Knowledge Transfer area to which the practice belong 
University-Industry relations
Indicate the country from which the practice is 
What is the title/name of the instrument/policy? 
No information provided
What is the title/name of the practice? 
Visitors programme part II
Indicate the target group/beneficiaries of the practice 
Higher education institutions (education function)
Higher educations institutions research units/centres
New technology based firms/new knowledge intensive service firms
SMEs only
What is the aim/objective? 
Project aims are: Development of special methodical modules (low threshold) to reduce barriers/obstacles in the cooperation initiation between small enterprises and science, and to pave the way of transfer from already reached research results to a R&D order or a collaborative project. Visitors program part II means: Universities visit SME - improvement of the technology processes within SME - scientists get practical knowledge and impressions. After this step both partners define new development projects.
Give an overview of the practice 
An interdisciplinary group of 4-6 scientists from universities/ R&D institutions visits SMEs. They get an overview about technologies and the production process. They define opportunities for improvements within SMEs.
What is the date of creation of this practice? 
Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Is the practice still active? 
What is the approximate budget needed for implementing this practice? 
50 000.00€
What kind of resources is needed for implementing the practice? 
staff, external experts; travel and additional costs.
Is this practice linked to an instrument/policy? 
The country which implemented this instrument