KTForce interactive webtool is now available

Anyone interested in Knowledge and Technology transfer, has now the chance to check the good practices and policies developed in the countries that take part in the European project KTForce - Knowledge Transfer Joint Forces for Efficient Innovation Policies.
One of the added value concerning KTForce is the chance to spread the word about what is done in Europe in the innovation and technology transfer fields. Having that in mind, the project’s website has a specific area (now open for public consultation) where this kind of information can be found through a clear and filtered research, making it possible for the users to quickly find what they are looking for. To visit this “Good Practices Map” you only need to access www.ktforce.eu and click on the “Check our good practices map” figure. Then, the users are directed to the search fields, where they can find information regarding practices and (soon to be) policies already implemented in Portugal, France, Ireland, Romania, Lithuania and Germany. The search can be made by thematic area (technology licensing, spin-off creation and entrepreneurship or university-industry relation) or country, and there are also available information about the costs and resources in need to implement the practices. The results are presented in the right side of the box as you can see:
The next phase will be dedicated to identify and publish also the good policies related with technology transfer within the partnership, making them available for consultation as well. The interactive data base also plans to enable any organization worldwide to share a practice or a policy through the webtool.
All said, the interactive webtool map goes toward the KTForce’s philosophy that, since its beginning in March 2012, has been compromising itself to contribute to the improvement of the local and regional policies regarding technology transfer, as well as to simplification of the best practices transfer between the European partners both in operational and political levels.