KTForce partners meeting in Dresden

The last KTForce project meeting took place in the city of Dresden, Germany, and lasted for three days. During that period of time, the partners had the chance to discuss the relevant results achieved so far by this INTERERG IV C project that addresses regional technology transfer and innovation policies.
All the partners, hosted by the Technical University of Dresden, took part to the second thematic seminar of the project, which gathered around 25 participants from inside and outside the partnership. The seminar focused on the promotion on entrepreneurship within universities and more specifically on the impact of universities on spin-off-processes, possibilities to educate potential entrepreneurs within universities as well as financial and non-financial support of spin-offs. Experiences from different European regions were exchanged and discussed among experts, project partners, and interested guests. The regional conditions frame and innovation culture in Saxony were also addressed in the event.
The meeting in Dresden also gave time for the partners to get to know better the concept of technology transfer at Leibniz institutes and experiences, through the visit to the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden. Additionally, a guided poster session allowed partners to get familiar with supported start-ups from the German Saxony region.  
Partners gathered to improve KTForce practices
The 4th Steering Meeting of the project lasted an entire day and the partners discussed their opinions about the KTForce methodology and the next steps to be held to finalize the practices and policies collection, define the scenarios 0 of each partner region and discuss about the future scenario elaboration, issues under the responsibility of the Working Groups created in the last months.
KTForce's next project meeting will take place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July, in Vilnius, Lithuania, where the host institution will be Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park.