KTForce partners meeting in Grenoble

The last KTForce project meeting happened in the city of Grenoble, France, and lasted for two days (6 and 7 of December). During these days, the eleven partners of the project could discuss the relevant results achieved so far along the past months of the European project.
The first thematic seminar gathered around 25 participants, members of the project and external. The aim of the session was to present some examples on how IPR management and negotiation is done in renown technological structures, such as CEA, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission and Minalogic, the global competitive cluster dedicated to micro- and nanotechnologies and embedded software, by listening to their representatives.
The partners also participated to the third study visit, organized by the University Joseph Fourier, Floralis and Ville de Grenoble. During this period, the partners could get to know better the I&D and innovation ecosystem of the region by visiting new and innovative buildings and infrastructures that, today and from now on, provide support to the innovation system of the city of Grenoble.
Partners gathered to improve KTForce practices and regional innovation policies
The 3rd Steering Meeting of the project filled up an entire day and the partners shared their opinions about KTForce methodology. They could discuss the good practices shared by each partners and the way they can be linked to the policy context of the regions. The partners also discussed the methodologies to be used for creating future scenarios for each region in terms of innovation status within some years. Along with these topics of conversation, the representatives of each country also discussed the scenarios 0 of each region, defined with the gathering of a series of specific indicators and how to select which good practices are better suited for each region.
The next meeting of the KTForce partners will take place next 14th and 15th March 2013 in Dresden, Germany, so that the KTForce project can go on with its main objective: to contribute to the improvement of innovation regional policies.