KTForce partners meeting in Vilnius

The last KTForce project meeting and study visit took place in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania 
KTForce’s partners, hosted by Sunrise Valley, travelled last month to Vilnius to take part in another project’s meeting and study visit. This time, the event was strictly for the partners, without any open conference or event. The work reunions focused mostly on the mapping of existing TT practices and policies, seeing which partners want to implement which ones and how can they do it. During the working group meeting there was also time for discussing and working jointly on the project activities regarding this issue, as well as defining the future scenarios and regional implementation plans.
Focus was also given to an overview of the regional diagnosis and initial selection of practices by partner and also by KT area (technology licensing, spin-off creation and entrepreneurship or university-industry relations). In the end of the meeting the operational partners have presented their practices in action, providing useful information to the other partners interested in implementing the practices in their institution in the future.
Also, some of new staff members of the project were introduced and welcomed to the partnership. To sum up the working day, the Lead Partner reviewed the activities to be developed under the project and partners identified their future tasks and deadlines.
Study visit
The study visit took place in the 2nd day of the journey. It started out with an overview of the best practices in commercialization of R&D by the Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, followed by a presentation on the best practices in supporting entrepreneurship, promoted by Enterprise Lithuania. In the afternoon, KTForce partners had the chance to visit two of the most innovative companies located in Vilnius: Arginta, dedicated to the quality production and top-level services within metal processing, water management, as well as renewable energy. development of renewable energy solutions, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, acting in the field of biotechnology by providing analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents.
The next event regarding KTForce project will include a Steering Meeting, Study visit number 6 and thematic seminar open to the public. It will take place in Waterford, Ireland, the next 13-15th November.