KTForce project enables conversations about European innovation policies

The Closing Conference of the KTForce project took place on the 28th of May, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto, gathering more than fifty participants.
Carlos Neves, vice-president of the North Regional Coordination and Development Commission in Portugal, as one of the guests, referred to KTForce as an “extraordinary case of smart cooperation”. In his  opinion, that kind of projects enable to connect between each other’s major regional stakeholders  in the area of technology transfer and innovation. The theme of the conference was “Innovation policies and knowledge transfer working together for regional competitiveness”, marking the end of a project that began in 2012, gathering 11 entities from 6 different European countries.
Considering that the end of the project is coming soon, the Conference was the perfect opportunity for the partners to talk about what has been done during the project’s lifetime, which main goal was to “benchmark the innovation policies and technology transfer best practices in the partner regions”, as referred Maria Oliveira from the University of Porto. Representing the INTERREG IVC programme, Stefania Amorosi mentioned during her intervention, that, the KTForce partners could identify 147 good practices over the 30 months of the project.
During the whole day, partners, guest speakers and together with the audience could talked about innovation policies and technology transfer good practices in Europe, sharing their thoughts, opinions and background experience. The discussion became even more interesting during the round tables, where the guest speakers presented more accurate data about their countries and the audience could debate and share opinions about what is being done to stimulate the innovation in European countries. There was also time for Óscar Afonso (KTForce expert) and William O’Gorman (Waterford Institute of Technology) to present the project’s methodology.
Once the project ends, the results achieved will remain available on the project’s website. Right now, the partners are working together to write the second booklet which will talk about the policies and practices implementation per region. This document will also be available soon.
All the Conference presentations can now be downloaded